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Here Comes The Flood, Hans Werksman: “Jazz, piano pop, ambient and noise – everything is in its right place.”  Full review here.

The Next Gig, Richard Wagenaar: “..beautiful and intense songs containing a serious-in-depth without hurrying. Especially the beautiful and occasionally tormented vocals of Janssen run the show.” Full review here.

Hair grown long over the longest time
Body sky rising
STASJ sprouts and wells up
to the point of evaporation
Soft fortification

The story is lingering in slow motion
Patience challenged
Return ticket from moon to mars
West, East, time released

All eyes are aware
A soft force melts the armour
Liberating love, a way out
A little whisper echoes…..
‘Soft Forces will surely win in the end’

STASJ shines light on the dark sides,
celebrates singularity,
serves the whole by connecting the tiny dots.
STASJ investigates how focus, resilience and trust
become meaningful, bringing out the best in all.
STASJ sings contrasting emotions into a soft force.
Vibrating, comforting, always expanding.
Refined voice techniques, raw electronic beats and
experimental sounds define the latest, quirky and versatile album of STASJ.
This brand new indie electro-pop scheme takes you on a journey.
‘Soft Forces’ is exploring storytelling with a flexible voice
merging classical and pop.

Hints of melancholy and obscure feelings translate frictions of
human lives and the paradoxes of existence, producing a challenging but soothing musical world.

STASJ sings about mistaken love adventures and
positive wishes for the unkind mankind. Poetic, imaginary scenes are fused
with real time observations and serendipities.
The state of the world is the state of STASJ








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